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21st Century Edition
Welcome to the latest edition of Art Review. Our mission is to help you appreciate the fabulous world of art, and discover how fine art can find its way into your heart and home.
Our mission is to acquaint our Customers with
our vision of the purpose of art:
1. to uplift the spirit,
2. to inspire the mind, and
3. to bring beauty to the home.
Included in the newsletter are topics such as these: The Giclee Process -- What and Why? Things to Know About Matting and Framing Religious Art - Its Purpose and Influence There are six articles from the Newsletter listed at the bottom of the page. Check them out by clicking the one you want to read.
Sara Holding her Kitten by Mary Cassatt

We chose for the lead image of this edition of Art Review the charming image of 'Sara Holding Her Kitten' by Mary Cassatt (1844-1926). Although born and raised in Pennsylvania, Mary Cassatt was one of the early participants of the French Impressionist movement of the late 19th Century. She was the only American selected by Degas to join this group of artistic innovators.

Her works display a sensitive approach to life, especially when portraying the lives of the women and children around her. Cassatt uses a rich pallette in the painting. The soft skin tones and the flowing lines make a vibrant melody of golden yellow and little-girl pink. The dark eyes of the kitten punctuate the rich colors, while the swirling green background gives harmonic contrast. Sara's gentle expression displays the love she has for her pet.

Cassatt is truly a master in capturing the simple joys of childhood. This piece of fine art would bring a bit of sunshine to any room in which it was displayed. Perhaps in a young girl's bedroom to brighten up a personal space, and to acquaint the young mind with the appeal of art.

In Art Review we will be exploring art in its many faces. In this issue we give some advice on using your own creativity to display fine art in your home. And we continue our exploration of Religious Art, looking at how the modern age represents the Savior. Hopefully, the commentary will help you bring the joy of fine art into your home.
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